Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings

Story Story Writer Forum Community. I could ship that. Sort: Category. Paradise by EmisonOverEveryone reviews They haven’t seen each other in 3 years since their break up and now Emily and Alison are forced to be reunited for Aria’s wedding. Heal the Shattered Pieces of my Heart by redeclipse reviews Emily is new to town and is seen as a player. No one knows the truth about her terrible past. Will Alison be the one to heal the fractured pieces of her heart or will she cause more pain to what is already broken?

My Fanfiction (Continued): Forget Me Not

Alison Dilaurentis was probably the least likely person that you would think would ever fall for a girl. But she did, hard. Alison had been in love with Aria since the first time she saw her in the 7th grade. She’d befriended her along with Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. But Aria was different, she’d always been different. Alison had already told Aria how she felt, which was no easy task for a Dilaurentis.

Pretty little liars reading fanfiction aria and spencer dating chapter 1 There are so many guys, there has to be someone you like” Aria says while opening her.

Or liars. You get the idea. Were some of those killings accidental? But others, not so much. Oh yeah, Shana also caused that Thornhill Lodge fire that almost killed them all. Knocked into the orchestra pit, she hits her head and dies immediately. She escapes, runs away to a lighthouse, and manages in the ensuing struggle to lethally stab Lyndon with a knife to the stomach.

To further complicate matters, the Liars also buried his body. Charlotte Charlotte kept busy! In other words, Mona wanted to kill Alison. When Mona fled the scene, Melissa stumbled upon the unconscious body and buried Bethany, who was technically still alive, because she thought Spencer did it and wanted to protect her sister.

Here Are All the “PLL” Stars’ Relationship Statuses IRL

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Aria Femslash. Pieces of Us by astarvingwriter reviews Aria and Spencer through the eyes of their friends and family. One-shot, femmeslash, Sparia. It was all too much.

Pretty Little Liars – Rated: K+ – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: – Published: Dec 29, – Spencer H., Hanna M., Aria M., Emily F. – Complete Contains content triggering for some, please read at own risk. Spencer has secretly been dating Toby since months before The Jenna Thing, but.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Can Aria learn to trust again? Will they ever be able to love each other like they used to? Team Sparia by Peytonsawyer-davis reviews uses pretty little liars cast, but Alison aint dead. Spencer and Aria have been a couple for a while and are about to graduate high school, but After a twist of fate puts a large obstacle in their way, will they work it out? Or will Sparia be lost forever?

6 ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Sex Scenes That Are So Hot, You’ll Want To Re-Watch ASAP

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Secret Truths by Fender18 reviews Spencer has been deeply in love with Emily for as long as she can remember, she finally confesses to find that Emily has felt the same way all along.

Can generally be read for any couple combination, even though I had Sparia in mind Pretty Little Liars – Rated: T – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 1 When Aria is attacked one night, can her girlfriend Spencer make this better?

I never experimented a girl before, or kissed one” Hanna quietly says. And it was true. Hanna wanted to know how it felt to have that kind of night with a girl. Hanna didn’t know how to answer at first, but she shock her head, “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? Maybe it has to do with him, or maybe it doesn’t.. I just know that I want to try something new”.

Pretty Little Liars A New ChApter of Life Ezras Story (Kindle Worlds)

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Pretend by spencershasting reviews AU without A. Ali very purposely composed her group of Liars to include one who was smart, one who was loyal, one who was admiring, and one who was compassionate. But what if Spencer wasn’t the Brain that Ali chose and went through life as one of Ali’s prey?

Aria and Ezra are sitting on the couch watching a movie when Aria gets a text. Frightened when she.

Aria and Ezra are sitting on the couch watching a movie when Aria gets a text. Frightened when she recieves it, Aria looks at Ezra and notices that he is asleep. Aria gets up slowly and as she walks over to her phone she thinks about getting texts from A. No, that’s impossible, Aria thinks to herself, Alex is trapped in Mona’s dollhouse along with Mary so who could it be?

Aria turned her phone over to look at it when she notices that it isn’t a text, its an email. When she opens up the email, she notices that it was sent from someone named Betty Cooper. The email said, “Hi my name is Betty and I know that you don’t know me but I’ve heard about you and your friends on the news and noticed that we have a lot in common and I think me and my friends should talk to you and your friends.

It would really help considering we’ve went through something similar. Just email me back if you have any questions or concerns, thanks. Her phone makes a beeping sound so she quickly picks it up and notices that Betty has emailed her back. He was our star football player and everyone thought he was going to get a major scholarship. Everyone at the school is trying to find a way to cope. It would it be cool if me and my friends could talk to you and your friends about it?

Lucy gets burned fanfiction

First of all, I am sorry, my babies for not coming here with my crazy theories and all that stuff you normally expect from me. But as of lately, I have been writing fanfictions on fanfiction. And please let me know what you think! She looked away, staring at the sweater she was wearing.

Spencer is a “special” type of person — she can read people’s minds, often not by choice. When Aria is attacked one night, can her girlfriend Spencer make this better? Pretty Little Liars – Rated: K+ – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 1.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Ayoungnovelist hide bio. Vote Now! Author has written 17 stories for Pretty Little Liars. Sort: Category. Don’t tell Jonathan by eclipsereader reviews Clary is overly protected by Jonathan and his friends, which includes Jace. Not dating is at the top of the list of rules. But she is willing to sneak around to have a chance with what she has always wanted..

Pretty Little Liars Meets Riverdale: Chapter 1 《Fanfiction》

JK, pass the pumpkin pie, you monsters. There, she “finds a love of publishing,” which is how she and Ezra reconnect. But Ezria fans shouldn’t get too excited just yet. Liam, her co-worker.

My name is Aria Montgomery and I’m seventeen years old. I am a student at Rosewood High, and I’ve been secretly dating my English teacher, Ezra Fitz for almost two years. The only people More than Paige” I gave Spencer a little nod and walked to Ezra’s class. As I sat Spencer read the text out loud.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Love of My Life by GrimliFiendish reviews Synopsis: it’s been 5 years since the events took place with Charlotte and Aria’s graduation and she left town with a big secret. Now the court systems has tracked her down as part of Victim’s Voice to speak at Charlotte’s parole hearing, will her secret be discovered? Secret Truths by Fender18 reviews Spencer has been deeply in love with Emily for as long as she can remember, she finally confesses to find that Emily has felt the same way all along.

Rated M for sexual content and some language. I don’t own Pretty Little Liars, just borrowing the characters. Yes, it’s long, but just give it a chance. Six years by autumnleaves18 reviews He is six years older than her and decides what he thinks is best for them. But six years later they meet again. The one that got away by autumnleaves18 reviews There has always been something about Jason that attracted Aria to him but she never gave it a chance.

Years have passed and they meet again and she realizes he is the one that got away. The next, she’s grown into the skin of a cocky and proud womanizer, feeling the notion that she can do whatever she wants with whoever she wants, fearing zero consequences along the way. That is, until she meets a hard to get blonde who doesn’t play by her rules.

Pretty Little Liars FANFICTION

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